Elizabeth Stringer is an artist and educator residing in San Diego, CA. Focusing on the concept of drawing, Stringer investigates the poetic microcosm, the creation of a private world of self, which is able to incorporate and convey the many facets of the world within a singular moment, which is more specifically contained within the informative lens of biochemistry.

The use of drawing becomes the meeting point of the mind and the body giving fleshy materialism that grounds thought processes, or perhaps just builds upon a once formed memory. Expanding the application of drawing to encompass that of ceramic hand building or the microbiological connection to fragrance becomes a multi-tiered hierarchy of an essence that is emitting. Based on an emotional or rational experience with that essence, is it possible that this smell is ultimately dictating an individual’s linear perception of time, and ultimately memory of the event? The vision of this, that through olfaction and the smelling of another, that the biological fusion between two bodies can become the unification of one autonomous being, joining two in a harmonious dialogue of recognition, while asserting each individual's autonomous consciousness. I am exploring if this framework not only dictates the way we move but what is psychosomatically projected onto various interior spaces. Ultimately, my drawings have been adapted into installations where mutli-media materials have been transformed into furnished objects for specific environments to investigate a visual tension between drawing, poetry, and biochemistry.